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Frequently asked questions F.A.Q.

Where are the pick up points?

After the trip is purchased, you will be sent a pick-up for the event.
We advise you to contact us online or by phone at the time of purchase of this trip to specify the place of collection.

In which languages ​​are the trips made?
Main languages ​​are Russian, English and most German tours. 
There is also a possibility for Polish, Czech, French and others on request
do we have group discounts?

Yes, please contact us.

Which area do we serve?

We have the opportunity to take tourists from Sunny Beach, Ravda, Nessebar and Sveti Vlas! This means that the prices are valid only for Sunny Beach, Sveti Vlas, Nessebar and Ravda To take tourists from Obzor and Byala on request, as a slight price adjustment is possible.

For special events, contact us.

What do we mean by CHILDREN?

Children's discounts are valid for children from 2 to 12 years of age; children up to 2 years of age travel free of charge and declared as a number.

How much is 1 lev?

The Lev (лев) is the currency of Bulgaria. It is divided in 100 stotinki (стотинки). In archaic Bulgarian the word lev meant lion. It is pegged to the Euro at a rate of 1 EUR = 1.95583 lev and it is speculated that Bulgaria, as a member of the European Union could adopt the Euro in the future.

Country: Bulgaria
Region: Europe
Sub-Unit: 1 лв = 100 stotinka

*Pegged: 1 EUR = 1.95583 BGN

In case you find the answers listed above not helpful, please do not hesitate to contact us.